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HoK: Helping Build Sustainable Communities

Development, conservation and preservation are complex undertakings involving numerous variables, stakeholders and solutions. HoK is committed, at all levels to creating sustainable environments by employing materials, energy and water resources efficiently, minimizing site impacts and addressing the social and health issues that relate to development and health issues that relate to development.

Using Basic Principles to Developing Sustainable Communities

Enhanced user experience; Greater durability; Reduced maintenance costs; Energy and water savings; Positive public relations; Reduction of waste, pollution and off site impacts; Conservation of resources; Limiting risk and possible litigation; Revenue from re cycling; Prepared for future legislation.

Neighborhood Form

Promote compact, pedestrian-friendly and mixed-use neighborhoods with many of the activities of daily life available within walking distance.

Design for the Human Scale

Design for people and their perceptions, creating a sense of neighborhood and community with streets that responds to local traditions.


Promote the creation of mixed-use neighborhoods that support the functions of daily life: employment, recreation, retail, civic and educational institutions.
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