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Grass Field Farms & Resorts
Grass Field Farms & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted real estate name in north India primarily engaged in building luxury leisure properties such as farm houses, resorts, amusement parks and residential projects. Quality of construction, astute business acumen and a transparent work culture are the key features which have made Grass Field a house hold name in Rajasthan. Commitment to quality timelines and transparency had made Grass Field Farms & Resorts Pvt. Ltd a household name in Rajasthan. This is the brainchild of three enterprising men, who dreamt big:

Mr. Sunil Bansal
The Dynamic and visionary Mr. Sunil Bansal has several niche projects to his credit. These projects are creatively implemented, with a deep sense of commitment under the agesis of the Grassfield Group. Besides townships and a huge land bank, he also owns the biggest club in Rajasthan under the brand name “CLUB GRASSFIELD”, in Jaipur.

Club Grassfield is one such project which has acclaimed international stature. Projects under his stewardship are already underway in Kishangarh (Rajasthan) and Pune. A resort is also coming up at Kalwad Road, Jaipur. The project will house state-of-the art facilities, amidst the natural and scenic eco friendly environs of the Aravalis.
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