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From the Rajputs to the Mughal rule to being an integral part of the Republic of India, Rajasthan has gone through a sea of socio-political change. Each time this change has brought newness in thinking, in softlife and lifestyle of the people.

It is time for change again. This time it is taking shape in an 700 acres approx. integrated city - IndiCity, a Promised Land fast developing into a truly international township. Just 30 minutes away from Jaipur city along the Jaipur-Ajmer corridor, IndiCity heralds the birth of a new “World City” in Rajasthan Meticulously planned from every aspect of modern urban design principles it is a city where the promise is based on “Thorough Analysis and Planning”.

IndiCity is not called a master planned integrated city merely in words. Be it the various sub-cities, road circulation network, and width of roads, water, noise, air and power management to the various land-scaping and soft scaping elements, the master plan of IndiCity takes care of everything.

In - depth study by experts in the field of Hydro - Geology and Geo - Technical aspects form the basis on which world's most renowned

Architect firm, HoK of USA has done the Master Planning of IndiCity The architects have gone down to the level of detailing rarely seen in Indian Real Estate sector.

The making of IndiCity

The grand plan for Indicity started taking shape when Mr.Thomas Curley, a distinguished Urban Planner & Designer, then working as Director of Urban Design at HOK, New York, came over for the first site analysis visit to the IndiCity site.

While the initial plan was to do the site analysis for a day, Mr.Curley got so excited by the extant and the various defining features of the site, that he extended his visit to four days. These four days were spent on rigorous survey, observation of site's contours and various other features. These observations became the basic building blocks for Mr.Curley and his team of urban designers and planners. This was followed by another seven day visit where the team conducted a detailed site analysis, studied the physical features of the site and took into account a blend of traditional and contemporary character of the architecture and urban design present in this part of the country. Back in New York, this analysis together with the time tested urban design principles were used by the team of experts to weave a basic urban form and plan of the proposed City.

This basic form and plan then finally took shape as the Masterplan of IndiCity. The Masten Plan has since then gone through various iterations and extensive usage of the most modern design tools and softwares to become a perfect vision platform for the global city of the future.
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