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Kashi - The Scholar City will mark the beginning of a new era in education. The zone will comprise a number of quality academic institutions. It will have a K12 residential School with a capacity to teach around 1000 resident scholars. Scholar City will also have a day school matching the best schools in India. In fact, right from primary, to full residential schooling to college and university level education, Scholar City inside IndiCity will offer an all-inclusive academic journey. In addition there'll be institutions providing professional courses and vocational courses as well. With large open spaces, tranquil environment and some of the best academic institutions, Kashi-The Scholar City will be the perfect environment for scholastic pursuits.

Within the erudite premises will be a special zone dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and experience. The infrastructure facilities, the strategic location and the all inclusive convenience of being part of IndiCity will make Scholar City and its knowledge zone a major confluence of intellect.

Master Planner's Vision of Kashi-The Scholar City

Flanking the southern edge of the Town Center community, this low density campus is positioned as a civic connective tissue that links two residential communities at IndiCity. The campus's ceremonial entrance forms a grand plaza to the north at the turning point of Scholar City’s Parkway, the primary civic connector for these southern neighborhoods. The campus is organized in three compact nodes or quads. The South Quad acts as the lower connector with adjacency to one of the site's Neighborhood Centers.

Upon passing the Hingoniya Sagar drainage canals and arriving at the Town Center, the Grand Boulevard - a processional main arterial road, turns right and becomes Scholar City’s Parkway This parkway acts as the site's greatest community connector and banks on the University as the civic and educational epicenter of these residential communities. Adjacent to a planned series of parks, vantage points, dry swales and cross-town axes, this Parkway knits together three neighborhoods while remaining an intimate, pedestrian-friendly zone.
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