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Open Space Typologies

Planning of IndiCity is a well researched project that has taken years resulting in offering a diverse network of open space. Be it roads, bridges, streets, or structures, here every bit of space is planned to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality without disturbing the natural surroundings. This will give the impression of traveling through a series of villages, rather than along one continuous ribbon development.

In fact, the city draws thematically on the traditions of Rajasthan to create sheltered pockets and green courtyards within a dense, rectilinear street grid.

The Grand Boulevard and other streets: The most important road is the single linear Great Street that will cut through a varied landscape of lush green vegetation and desert, thereby providing a unique framework of opportunities as well as scenic beauty.

The main commercial artery weaves its way across the desertscape as a 48 meter main arterial road defines the western edge of the development, allowing easy access while a number of tertiary roads branch off connecting three civic cross-town thoroughfares.

The street empties onto the City Park and Plaza, with green spaces, streetscapes and linkages to the Heritage Resort, Wellness Center and across the site.

The civic heart of the city is located at the intersection of the Hingoniya Sagar drainage canals and dam, featuring the site's greenest and most visible landscape features.

The canals and bunds will skirt the civic gateway leading to the Residential School and International Sports Training Complex and a few residential neighbourhoods.

All residential neighborhoods will have a park containing one of three tanks meant to collect rainwater runoff and recharge the site's water table.
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