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Safety and Security

At IndiCity all buildings shall be designed as per N.B.C. of India pertaining to fire hazards.

All necessary measures such as terrace water tanks underground static water tank automatic sprinklers hose tanks, tank, sprinklers, reels, yard hydrant, fire extinguishers will be provided as per the NBC code for different types of buildings. In addition to this, an internal fire station will be established within the project site to meet out any accidents.

Risk Assessment

The site falls in Seismic zone II & over years there is no record of earthquake reported in this area. The structures at the site are low rise and earthquake resistant structures.

Vision for energy conservation

• Electronics Ballasts shall be used in place of Electro Magnetic Ballast. • GREENROOF technology will be used.
• Terrace garden will be provided as necessary.
• Solar panels will be used for external lighting and the common areas.
• All lifts and pumps are proposed on VFD drives, which results in 30% saving in consumption.

This basic form and plan then finally took shape as the Masterplan of IndiCity. The Masten Plan has since then gone through various iterations and extensive usage of the most modern design tools and softwares to become a perfect vision platform for the global city of the future.
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