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Waste Management

IndiCity will be sufficiently equipped to treat all its water including sewage waste at treatment unit employing the most advanced waste management technology.

Treated water will be used for various purposes at different usage levels. The sewage treatment plants will be based on FBBR technology. The treated water from STP will be used for flushing (640 KLD) and plantation & general washing (1,397 KLD). About 230 KLD of the waste water will go with sludge as losses, which will be used as manure in landscaping.

At IndiCity no biomedical or hazardous waste will be generated from the proposed project.

The waste will be collected from door to door in separate colour coded bins as per their nature. The biodegradable waste will be treated in organic converters and for vermi composting. The nonbiodegradable waste will be taken by contractors to the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. Recyclable and plastic waste will be sold to vendors.

In tune with the Environment

From covering transportation vehicles, using construction materials with low VOC emission levels to having sufficiently wide roads to avoid congestion, at IndiCity monitoring of air, water and noise will be done at every step.
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